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Coaches: DomPat

Team Rep: Tina Keller

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6/23 –

1.) hope everyone enjoys their little break from the gym!   –  There is NO allstar practices happening this week July 26-August1.  Please check with your private instructor if they will be doing lessons while the gym is closed!  There will be an open gym on Wednesday from 6-8  it will be $10 and you can pay at the door 🙂
2.) Choreography begins when the gym resumes.  Just a few notes about choreography:
     – Hail will be finalized before the gym reopens, the staff will be meeting to pick the 30 athletes this week.  An email will be sent to the families that did NOT make the top 30 with our insight as to why and practice schedules and such moving forward.
     – Smoke will be adding a few members to the team, if you are asked to crossover you will receive an email with all of the details, please respond back accepting or declining the chance to cross over.
     – Fury (Coed 3) is looking for a couple BASE cross overs.  If you are interested please contact Marc.
     – Placements within the routine during choreography ARE NOT for discussion.  These are at the sole discretion of the Fire and Ice staff and a part of our bigger picture.  Please remember that we do for the program first, then the team, and then the individual.
     -LIGHT SNACKS for choreography, bags of pretzels, vegetables, fruit will be organized. Athletes will have small breaks to pick but not a lunch break since choreography is 9-3 ~ Mon, August 3rd Tues, August 4th
3.) We will be adding a few items to the August pro shop!  Please remind everyone that the pro shop is still up and running and taking orders! – If you ordered the Tank or Car Decal from the Facebook page the money is due asap please label it and place in the tuition box or give to Jill in the Front Office.
4.) Just a reminder that the parent meet and greet is September 5th and Parent Preview is October 17 @ Peters Township High School.
5.) Warm up Money is due on 8/1 – Athletes will be sized during their camp for warm ups! 🙂
6.) Fall Schedule and Practice Clothes schedule will be released by 8/1!