Hail Senior Coed 5
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Coaches: Dom, Becky, Pat, Marc, Kathy

Team Rep: Amber Westwood & Krista Gerlach

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Hail athletes,

Hail has an exciting week ahead of them!

Schedule this week:
August 5: Uniform fitting starting at 6; normal practice 6:30-9:30.
The varsity uniform rep will be at the gym at 6:00 for Hail uniform fittings. If you are a parent who would like to see how the uniform fits please plan on coming to the gym. Parents do not need to be there, the Varsity rep will fit each athlete. You do not need to pay for the uniform that day, it will be added to your monthly invoice from Kathy. If you are out of town and you need fitted for a uniform please let me know.
August 7: Day 1 choreography 9-3 (Mars location!) Athletes wear their red practice wear.
Girls are to wear red sports bras ONLY and red shorts with hair ALL up with a black bow.
Boys are to wear White tank and red shorts.
August 8: Day 2 choreography 3-9 (Mars location!) Athletes wear their black practice wear.
Girls are to wear their black sports bras ONLY and black shorts (nike pros) with hair ALL up with a black bow.
Boys are to wear their red shirt with black shorts.
Mars address: 164 Brickyard Rd. Suite 200 Mars, PA 16046
NOTE: You must have a fill in if you can not be at choreography. If you are out of town and need to find a fill in please contact me asap and we will help find someone.
We were asked to keep the snacks very light, as they will not be having long breaks. If you are interested in donating please just respond back to this email or text one of us. So far we have three cases of water, a case of Gatorade and ice already donated. We are looking for Gatorade, fruits and veggies, some pretzel snacks or rice krispies. We have 30 kids on the team. If you have any suggestions or would like to donate something specific please let us know that would be great too 🙂
Thank you!