Fire and Ice Allstars offers a wide variety of classes. If you have any questions on which class is perfect for you, email:

Pricing Information:

One Month Membership: $55.00

Recurring Monthly Membership: $50.00/Month*

*Recurring Monthly Membership is a minimum of a three (3) month commitment and will continue to be charged monthly at $50.00 until front desk is notified of withdrawal. 

Second Class/Week $40.00

Third Class/Week $20.00

Fall/Winter Tumbling Class Schedule


5:40-6:30pm Level 2/3 Tumbling

6:30-7:20pm Level 4/5 Tumbling

6:40-7:30pm Level 3 Tumbling

8-8:50pm Level 6 Tumbling:20


5:20-6:10pm Stunt Class

6:10-7:00pm Level 2 Tumbling

6:15-7:05pm Level 1 Tumbling

6:15-7:05 Boys’ Ninja Class

7:30-8:20pm Level 1 Tumbling


5-5:30pm Flyer Stretch and Condition

6:40-7:30pm Level 5/6 Tumbling

6:40-7:30pm Level 2 Tumbling

7:30-8:20pm Level 4 Tumbling


5:30-6:20pm Level 2/3 Tumbling

6:10-7:00pm Level 1 Tumbling

8-8:50pm Level 1 Elite Tumbling

Fall/Winter Tumbling Class Descriptions:

Tumbling Basics : For all beginners with little to no tumbling experience,  ages of 4-6. Focus is on learning correct body shapes and simple skills in order to progress safely.  

Level 1 Tumbling: For any age who have a backbend kickover. Perfecting kickover, progressing onto full back walkovers and then onto back handsprings.

Level 2 Tumbling: For any age who has a back handspring. Perfecting handspring, progressing onto series handsprings, and tuck shaping.

Level 3 Tumbling: For any age who has a back tuck. Perfecting tuck, progressing onto layouts and specialty skills.

Level 4 Tumbling: For any age who has a layout. Perfecting layout, progressing onto fulls and specialty passes.

Level 5 Tumbling: For any age who has a full. Perfecting full, progressing onto double fulls and specialty passes.

Level 6 Tumbling: For any age who has a double full.  Perfecting double fulls and specialty passes

Front Tumbling: For any age to work on front walkovers, front handsprings, and front tucks.

Aerial Class:  For any age to work on side aerials.

ZUMBA: Join us in this fun filled Latin-inspired fitness class featuring music from around the world.

Hip Hop Fitness: Remember the days of amazing dancing in MTV music videos?   This is your chance to bust a move to your favorite hip hop of yesterday and today!

Strength and Stretch:  This class cycles through cardio, strength, and core work to give a total body workout.